Recorded Webinar: "Forty Years in the Belly of the Beast: Interview with Elizabeth McAlister of Jonah House."


(Recorded Jun 18, 2013).  View this recorded webinar at your convenience.

Picture:  Liz holds a banner with her teeth as she is handcuffed at a protest at the Pentagon in 1979.

In June, 2013, Ched and Elaine interviewed a "mother of the movement" for peace and justice, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Jonah House, the Christian peacemaking community in Baltimore, MD.  Liz talked about:  

  • early influences during her religious novitiate (including Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and Bill Stringfellow); 
  • the anti-war movement of the late 60s (including the Baltimore 4 and Catonsville 9 draft board actions and the Harrisburg Trial); 
  • beginning Jonah House in 1973 with husband Philip Berrigan; 
  • the Plowshares disarmament actions; 
  • doing time in jail and sustaining children in community; 
  • Phil's passing in 2002; and 
  • the urban homesteading experiment at St. Peter's Cemetery.
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