Ched Myers' and Elaine Enns' Speaking Schedules, Spring 2018

Note:  If you are interested in inviting Elaine and/or Ched to speak to (or better yet to videoconference with) your church, organization or community, please email us.  Here is their upcoming schedule:

  • April 26-29:  Ched keynotes at Alliance of Baptists Annual Gathering: "Earth: Beloved Community," Dayton, OH. Information here
  • May 1-3: Ched and Sarah Thompson lead a retreat for pastors in the Charlottesville, VA bioregion on racial justice in the watershed.
  • May-July: Elaine teaches a course on restorative justice and peacemaking at Azusa Pacific Seminary. 
  • June 24-30: Ched & Elaine teach at Ghost Ranch, NM: "Bloodlines, Landlines, Songlines."  Information here
  • July 16-20: Proctor Institute, Haley Farm, Clinton, TN.  Elaine & Ched serve as faculty for the Dale Andrews Freedom Seminary and facilitate workshops.  Information here
  • Aug 27-31: Elaine teaches a class on Restorative Justice and Historical Violation at Univ. of Amsterdam.  
  • Sept 8-10: Ched and Elaine speak at Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC.  Information here
  • Sept 12-14: Ched & Elaine work with Nelson and Joyce Johnson of the Beloved Community Center to resources a "Crossroads" justice school for Methodists in N.C.  Details coming soon.  

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