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Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark’s Story of Jesus (20th Anniversary Edition) - 30th Anniversary Sale Price (Book)$25.00
n/a Binding the Strong Man: Front Matter to 20th anniversary edition (Foreword by Obery Hendricks, New Preface by Ched Myers and Introduction by Sam Wells) (Article)$3.50
n/a Richard Horsley’s The Bible and Empire: A Review (Article)$1.50
"Facing History with Courage: Towards Restorative Solidarity": A Conversation with Dr. Elaine Enns (Webinar)$9.50
n/a"To Serve and Preserve": The Genesis Commission to Earth Stewardship (Article)$0.00
n/a"Who then can be saved?": Jesus and the Rich Man as a Text of Terror and Liberation (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/a70 X 7: A Theology of Reconciliation (Article)$0.99
n/aA Biblical Vision of Justice: Jesus’ Vision Quest (Article)$1.50
n/aA House for All Peoples? Embracing the Immigrant (Article)$0.00
n/aA Transforming Circle of Story: Recovering Economic Justice in Luke’s "Wilderness Feeding" (Article)$1.50
n/aAbraham Under the "Teaching Tree": Ecology and Faith (audio) (Audio)$2.50
n/aAdvent and Christmas: Reflections on the Sunday Readings, Year B (Article)$1.50
n/aAll the Words of the Scroll: A Eulogy for Daniel Berrigan (Article)$1.50
n/aAmbassadors in Chains: Ephesians 2-3 and M.L. King’s Letter from Birmingham City Jail (Article)$3.50
Ambassadors I coverAmbassadors of Reconciliation, Vol. I: New Testament Reflections on Restorative Justice and Peacemaking (Book)$17.00
Image of Rembrandt Christ Comforted by the AngelAn Introduction to Mark’s Gospel: Ched Myers (Video)$20.00
n/aAnd I saw no Temple in the City: The Biblical Suspicion of Imperial Architecture (Article)$0.99
n/aAs a Child: Jesus’ Solidarity with the Least of the Least (Mk 10:13-16) (Article)$1.50
n/aBaptism’s True Claim: In Memory of Jeanie Wylie Kellermann (Article)$0.00
n/aBartimaeus, Thirty Years Later (Article)$0.99
n/aBehold, the Treasure of the Church: A Bible Study on the Churches and Welfare Reform (Article)$0.00
n/aBiblical Interpretation as Political Practice, I: Socio-political Hermeneutics and Liberation Theology (Article)$1.50
n/aBiblical Interpretation as Political Practice, II: Political Bodies Struggling for Inclusion into the Body Politic (Article)$2.50
n/aBIO-A01 Radical Discipleship - Household (1-2 person) price (Product)$39.50
n/aBIO-A01 Radical Discipleship - Large Group price (6 or more people) (Product)$150.00
n/aBIO-A01 Radical Discipleship - Small Group price (3-5 people) (Product)$99.50
n/aBIO-A02 Restorative Justice - Household (1-2 person) price (Product)$39.50
n/aBIO-A02 Restorative Justice - Large Group price (6 or more people) (Product)$150.00
n/aBIO-A02 Restorative Justice - Small Group price (3-5 people) (Product)$99.50
n/aBIO-A03 Sabbath Economics - Household (1-2 person) price (Product)$39.50
n/aBIO-A03 Sabbath Economics - Large Group price (6 or more people) (Product)$150.00
n/aBIO-A03 Sabbath Economics - Small Group price (3-5 people) (Product)$99.50
n/aBy What Authority? The Bible and Civil Disobedience (Article)$0.99
n/aChristmas and Consumerism: Four Biblical Reflections and Practical Responses (Article)$2.50
n/aDivine Centrifugality vs. Imperial Centripetality, I: Cultural/Linguistic Diversity & Deep Social Ecology (Gen 11:1-9) (Article)$1.50
n/aEaster Faith and Empire: Recovering the Prophetic Tradition on the Emmaus Road (Article)$0.00
n/aEpiphany Under Empire (Article)$0.00
n/aEverything will Live Where the River Goes: A Bible Study on Water, God, and Redemption (Article)$0.00
n/aExodus Midrash in the Gospel (Article)$1.50
Book cover imageFe que mueve montañas: El discipulado en el Evangelio de Marcos (Book)$12.00
n/aFood Politics in the Practice of Jesus (Article)$1.50
Binding the Strong Man book coverForeword to Binding the Strong Man (Original Edition) (Article)$0.00
n/aForeword to Daniel Berrigan's Exodus: Let My People Go (Article)$0.00
n/aForeword to Robert Beck, Nonviolent Story: Narrative Conflict Resolution in the Gospel of Mark (Article)$0.99
n/aForeword to Ross and Gloria Kinsler's The Biblical Jubilee and the Struggle for Life (Article)$0.00
n/aForeword to Ross and Gloria Kinsler, editors, God’s Economy: Biblical Studies from Latin America (Article)$0.00
n/aForeword to Wes Howard-Brook, Becoming Children of God: John’s Gospel and Radical Discipleship (Article)$0.99
n/aFour Aspects of How Land is Perceived in the Bible (Article)$0.99
n/aFree Recorded Webinar: "Ecojustice Theology Webinar Series Video: Prophetic Protest over Deforestation, Biblical and Contemporary" (Video)$0.00
n/aFreedom Bound: A Tale of Two Meals (Passover and Eucharist) (Article)$1.50