Thomas Fire in Ventura County


Dear friends of BCM:

Thanks to all of you who have been calling, texting and emailing your concerns about the Thomas Fire. As you can see from this map, Oak View (we are right where the town name is) has been spared, and is the only area in the valley not under mandatory evacuation. 

It’s been really distressing, and many people have lost homes in the county.  Fires in our immediate area are dying down (but spreading northwest and multiplying around the state).  Here the smoke is as thick as fog, and the ash like snow.  Elaine, Chris and Ched have been in and out over the last 4 days checking on things and helping out as we can; we are back home for now, wearing particulate masks and trying to get back to work. 

Chris will respond to your emails regarding the February Institute as he can. We recommend that you check with our web page for updates, which we are giving a couple of times a day.