“Nature against Empire: Exodus Plagues, Climate Crisis and Hardheartedness" by Ched Myers

Note:  This is an excerpted, edited text of a talk given to the Alliance of Baptists Annual Gathering in Dayton, OH on April 27, 2018.  It was published (with images and graphs, absent here) in our May 2018 BCM Enews , and is part of my ongoing search to find theological ways to talk about the urgency of climate crisis.  This piece is long (10 pages), but I hope readers will spend some time with it and give


"After Execution: Martin Luther King, Memphis and Luke's Emmaus Road as a Call to Prophetic Literacy," by Ched Myers

Today is the 50th anniversary of the extra-judicial execution of our nation's greatest prophet. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was gunned down on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, in what was proven in a court of law in 1999 as a government "Black Ops" operation.  The building was only saved by a concerted community struggle in the 1980s, and now houses the compelling National Civil Rights Museum.


THE END OF THE WORLD (MARK 15:21-46): A Good Friday Reflection by Ched Myers

Above: Good Friday falls on the full moon of the first day of Passover this year, 2018.  Below is a slightly edited excerpt from Myers, et al, Say to This Mountain: Mark's Story of Discipleship (Orbis, 1996), pp 199-202. 


"Re-membering the Asistencia Santa Gertrudis," by Ched Myers

  The "Asistencia Santa Gertrudis" (named after Saint Gertrude the Great, a favorite of medieval Iberian Catholics; see here) was an outlying chapel from Mission San Buenaventura.  Records indicate it was constructed sometime between 1804-08.  In our watershed, along Ventura Ave., is an obscure roadside memorial to this long-disappeared structure.  It "served the Indians in the


"If an Ancient Cathedral Had Burned: A Lament for Grandmother Oak" by Ched Myers

Old trees are our parents, and our parents’ parents, perchance. 
                     -- Henry David Thoreau, Journal, Oct 1855


Thomas Fire in Ventura County

Dear friends of BCM:

Thanks to all of you who have been calling, texting and emailing your concerns about the Thomas Fire. As you can see from this map, Oak View (we are right where the town name is) has been spared, and is the only area in the valley not under mandatory evacuation. 


"50/500: A Season of Protest and Remembering," by Ched Myers

AboveFr. Phil Berrigan pouring blood on 1-A draft files at the Customs House, Baltimore, MD, October 27, 1967.


"Prophets or Profits" by Peter Laarman

Note: This concise analysis from our friend Rev. Peter Laarman on the political economy of taxation is reposted from Religion Dispatches. 

For almost ten years now, the folks at Sojourners and other progressive evangelical outfits have been reminding us that "budgets are moral documents." All well and good. I agree. But I will add that tax systems are at least as revealing, perhaps more so, when it comes to the ethical bearings of any state or nation.


Season of Creation, Year A: September 10 is "Land Sunday" (a reflection by Ched Myers)

Note: The “Season of Creation” is a contemporary liturgical and lectionary movement celebrated during the four Sundays in September prior to St Francis of Assisi Day (Oct 4).  This ecumenical observance was begun by a Lutheran pastor in Australia in 2000 and has spread worldwide (see the Season of Creation website, a great resource for churches).


"The World Itself is Blowing the Great Shofar: Awake!!" by Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Note:  This is an abbreviated version of a reflection posted by Rabbi Waskow on 0/6/17 at  As usual, Art is right on in his grasp of deep tradition and current events.

We are approaching Rosh Hashanah, when we ourselves blow the Shofar  -- puffing a small breath of air into the small end of the ram’s horn to come out the other end as an outcry of four distinct notes: alarm, broken-heart, grief, and awe-filled transformation.

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