BIO - Bartimaeus Institute Online

Welcome to the Bartimaeus Institute Online.  BIO is a series of online, tailored classes and courses on key themes. Our first course is comprised of four 'A-level' classes which can be undertaken individually. Classes include a mix of new content, recorded webinars, audio and video, and published articles, all arranged around thematic topics.

Our Third BIO Study Cohort is now running - details for our next Cohort, beginning Jan 2019 are here.

Note: If you are interested in participating in an existing BIO cohort, or forming a cohort of your own, to study the material in a group, click here.  A cohort enjoys discounts on BIO material, a Bartimaues Institute, and two colloquim gatherings.

Scaled pricing:

Our BIO Courses are now available at scaled pricing for:

  • Households (1 or 2 people)
  • Small groups (3 to 5 people)
  • Large groups (6 or more people)

Classes consist of 4 of 5 weeks of content, though they can be undertaken at your own pace, individually or in a group.  Upon purchase you will be sent a syllabus with links to all materials, further resources and study questions (BIO-A03 also includes 2 books and a DVD that will be mailed to you). Annual webinar pass holders and those who purchased the introductory live webinars separately will be eligible for a reduced household price (please email us for this discount.)

Course 'A' Classes:

BIO-A01: Radical Discipleship. (V2.0)  We explore the key themes and ideas behind Radical Discipleship - great for anyone new to this way of understanding the Gospel and/or looking for ways of explaining it friends.  Click here to purchase BIO-A01.

BIO-A02: Restorative Justice. (V2.0)  We introduce Restorative Justice principles and practices and explain how these principles can be applied to a variety of issues.  Click here to purchase BIO-A02.

BIO-A03: Sabbath Economics.  (V2.0) We explain the basis and basics of Sabbath Economics.  Click here to purchase BIO-A03.

BIO-A04: Biography as Theology.  One of the best ways of deepening our understanding of the Radical Discipleship journey is by hearing the stories of those that have gone before us on the journey and those who are living it out in their lives today.  Click here to purchase BIO-A04.

Course 'B' Thematic Classes:

BIO-B01: Watershed Discipleship.  Now available! Highlights Ched's framing of WD, then profiles a dozen theologian-practitioners under 40 who are working on a variety of WD expressions.  Introduces each contribution to the recent anthology edited by Ched entitled Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice (Cascade Books, 2016).  Click here to purchase BIO-B01.


A note about our terminology: 

  • a “Course” is a series of classes (the first Course consists of four Classes, the second Course is one Class);
  • a “Class” is a series of modules on a given theme (such as Sabbath Economics, Restorative Justice or Radical Discipleship);
  • a “Module” is a particular week of study materials in a class.


All questions pertaining to BIO can be directed to registrar Chris Wight